Monday, March 21, 2011

just a mad mommy.

I got really mad the other day. Really mad. You know when the
Bible talks about a meek and quiet spirit? I didn't have it.
I was the total opposite. At one of my oldest son's baseball
games, I was standing by the dug-out and overheard some of the
boys talking. Not my son, but the others. It made me uncomfortable.
After the game, I had one of those chats with my boy. You know--
the kind that search his heart. My questions were leading and
probing. I wanted to know what goes on with his teammates.

Let me back up here. Parker is new to baseball and new to his
team. He has been a leader and one of the best players on the
basketball and football team for the same coach and same league
since 3rd grade. Over there, everyone knows he's a christian and
preachers son. They respect it. And seem to gravitate towards him.

Now with baseball, Parker is the new kid and one of the youngest
on a team of 10,11 & 12 year old boys. He's athletic and smart so
he's catching on great and has potential. But that doesn't always
help when most of the kids already know each other and have had
years of playing baseball. He's not a bad player, he's actually pretty
good and getting better.

But after hearing how they can swear up a storm, talk trash and
kinda don't include him, I'm not happy about it. And to top it all
off, the two most rejected kids on the team tried picking on Parker
in an attempt to look cool in front of the other kids. That's what
really got me feeling like a Mama Bear ready to unleash. I don't
know what creates this internal urge to protect your young, but
I got it and it is intense.

My kids are home schooled and sheltered for a good many reasons.
I see them as plants not ready to support itself outside. Plants that
need protection until their roots and leaves are strong enough to
protect them. My plants, that is, my children are not there yet. This
is an analogy I got from the Bates family [the Duggar's friends]. Don't
get me wrong-- we aren't oblivious to the outside world. Our children
see unsaved people come through our doors at church. They know
what the world looks like through people and outside our walls. But
yet there is still so much garbage they don't know--and I don't want
them to know at this point. Some things they may never
have to experience.

I want my children to be pure, immature, naive....just children.
Not having to carry some of the knowledge and dirt that some
kids have been exposed to. Which I think is unfair to children.

My solution last night...was to take him off the team...which, after
sleeping on it, is the wrong choice. But I can't tell you how crazy I
got inside wanting to protect my child from the things of the world.

Just call me a Mommy. But I think the only real and best solution is
to keep that open communication with Parker, for my husband to
be more involved in Parker's team (even if it means sacrificing in
some other areas), and prayer.

My God is big enough!


*Ross and Katy* said...

I was an only child, and my father wasn't a preacher...but I was sheltered big time and I think I turned out just fine :) I was probably about 15 before I figured out what everybody else was doing in my class at school. Up until that time I had been able to be a kid and I wouldn't go back and trade those years for ANYTHING!

I look at my cousin (she's 11) and everything she knows and it upsets me because at 11 she's no longer a child. Actually....she knew most everything around age 8 which is even sadder.

I completely understand why your mama bear instincts come out, but coming from a child who benefitted from the (as I called my mom when I was mad) "psycho witch of the west" you need to protect those kids.

By the way, I'm 25 and my mom is my best friend. And I plan on raising the boy in my stomach the exact same way I was raised :)

Marilyn said...

I have decided to come back to blogging & your blog was one of the first I am reconnecting with.
Even though I am nearly 60 with a grown family I feel you both are my dose of sanity..... Yep, even with 8 children!!
I don't envy your raising children now-a-days but I think every generations says that. For reasons of the time everytime can be diffucult.
Just continue leaning on God & you will do just fine!

Jeanette said...

I get the Momma Bear thing for sure! My oldest goes to a Christian school but that doesn't mean perfect! :) I have heard my daughter getting picked on and that is not a good feeling for a Mommy. It's hard to know when to step in and when to step away.
But never let your standards falter. Keep up the good work, Momma! :)

Kim Yamaguchi said...

You're doing the right thing. I admire the way you're raising your kids. I am SO grateful that my boys baseball league is the church league, they don't have to be subjected to the bad attitudes and thought processes of the secular world.

And the world really needs more Mama Bears. Too many just sit by and don't say anything.

blessedmomto8 said...

SUCH A HARD TOPIC! But I totally agree. You did the right thing but I would have felt the same way as you. I share your beliefs with our little "plants." The world is tough out there

Lori said...

If even half of the parents in the U.S felt as you, what a amazing country we would be! Stay strong, good luck! For the very reason you spoke of my three sons never played organized sports. Today at 23, 25 and 27 no one has ever said they felt deprived because of my choice! Lori

Lori said...
When you've a chance maybe check out the March 23rd post from Mom Sarah! Many mom's feel as you do! Lori