Thursday, March 17, 2011


At our church, we're using the Gospel Light Sunday school curriculum.

I love it because it actually engages the kids in their lessons about the Bible. At the end of each month, I start putting together schedules for the children's church classes, photo copying lessons, reviewing supplies needed for each class and so on.

It usually takes me a good part of the day to get it all done. That-- and my other 'duties' and loving on the kids.

My back usually aches a little and I need a good stretch. You may even hear me grumble a little under my breath, loud enough for just my husband to hear. Wouldn't want the kids to hear it, right?

I know I should be singing with joy that I 'get' to be in charge of such a wonderful ministry. And in my heart and mind I am thankful, but it's more natural of me to tell myself I do 'sooo much'.

It's an area I have a weakness in. Knowing me, I would be bored doing nothing. This is when I realize that I was made to do all the things that God has placed in my hands. Grumbling or not I thrive on multi-tasking.


Jeanette said...

agreed! I am the childrens church coordinator for our church, and it can be a LOT of work! Still, even if I grumble now and then, I find that I am happiest when I am busy and doing many things.
and really, what is keeping you so busy - do you have a whole lot of kids or something? ;)

No Ordinary Me said...

I really needed to this post. You probably want undertand it, but it comforts me. Thanks for sharing.