Saturday, March 19, 2011

my children & our God.

I started reading the Bible on a one year plan.

When I stopped to think about it, I realized my boys could do the same.

I am looking to accelerate our Bible learning and growth as Christians (for both me and my kids). With the change of season approaching, I feel seasonal spiritual change occurring in my life and it's causing me to 'press-in' and want more of God.

I'm feeling this in our church as well. We have been seeing a great number of visitors to our church coming from outreach and it has been very encouraging.

I decided to make a website for our church and advertise in our local newspaper and on the naval base. I'm looking ahead with my eyes clear and my head high.

It's also exciting to see your children learn about God and their hearts and mind grow in the truth, so I bought the boys some really cool Bible study books. I hope their love and trust in their relationship with Jesus will make up for any days that I failed as a Mommy. Times when I was grumpy, raised my voice or lacked in words of love.

I want Jesus to be their everything and the words of the Bible to be etched on their hearts. I don't want to be lazy or lacking ever in providing my children the knowledge that God has made available. Or wants me to give them.

I have been having the kids just read out of their regular Bibles until I started reading the one year bible myself. When I saw how much I loved it, I went on an online Bible stuff shopping spree. I found a few gems. And the kids think the same.

Seriously. Really. Love what I got.


blessedmomto8 said...

AMEN! What a good MAMA you are!

Marla Grace said...

Could not agree with you more!!! Went private with my blog. Had reason to believe someone downloaded pictures of my Children. I sent you an invitation.Also started a new one. No pictures of Children in this one. Would love you to come follow.:)

jmckemie said...

Great. Would love to know which books they seems to like best. Looking for some good devotional books for my 9 yo grandson.