Wednesday, May 25, 2011

thanks mom.

My Mom just sent me a little gift and I bought a Shopkeepers bell with it from the Victoria Trading Co. How cute is that? We decided to hang it on the door to the backyard. A happy little ding ding accompanies the kids as they come in and go out. It's perfect for my home. As my hubby was hanging it, the kids were just as excited and were elated just to hold a screwdriver or drill. They're like that anytime some new addition is being made in our house. They gather around and want to be part of it. It makes me smile that they are just as happy as I am in our little yellow house.


Marilyn said...

Ya' know.... this may be dating myself but.... I can remember when shop keepers did have these on their doors!! No kidding!!
I just bought the wooden clothes drying rack form Victorian Trading Company. I love it for drying some "unmentionables"!!
Have A Great Day!!

April said...

Now that is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love your little cottage! Now I've got to check out this Victorian Trading Company. ;)