Wednesday, June 29, 2011

homeschooling for high school?

Josh and Kelly said... And just wondering if you're planning to homeschool the kiddos through high school or send them somewhere for that?
The answer to this one right now is yes. I do plan to homeschool through high school. Since I am already a homeschooling mom, the question I would ask myself is: Why not?

I believe that the very reason I home school them now would be even more prevalent during their high school years.

If one of my children had a talent or gift which could only be expressed through a high school sports program or academic club, then I would take it to God in prayer, but the truth is that I want to keep them as protected and separated from the filth and defilement of the world for as long as I possibly can.

Why would I stop homeschooling them and release them into the world when they are entering some of the most difficult years of their young lives and when temptation, peer pressure and unnecessary distractions are at their height?

I want to keep them in the most godly and nurturing environment for as long as possible that they might enter into their adult lives and/or marriage under the best possible conditions. To keep their hearts pure, where godly influence reigns, and where the role models for their lives are men and women of God. Not some wacky social science teacher or friends they may make who have no boundaries or righteous input in their lives whatsoever.

I would be throwing away all that I had invested in their lives by surrounding them with examples of a completely contradictory worldview.

As teens, they need our Biblical guidance the most and I want them to spend the largest portion of their time with us-- not somewhere else where who knows what is going on.

I understand that there may be good Christian schools out there-- and my husband and his brother taught at one, but I truly believe that if we are diligent in our work and set our hearts on seeking the Lord, then my home will be the best education and will provide the best platform from which they may launch their lives.

Question: When are plants taken from the nursery and planted on their own? Answer: When they have matured enough to withstand the conditions of the outside world and not be overcome by it. This is not being over protective. This is wisdom.

I want to be the one to guide my children. Influence them. God thinks I am the most important person my kids need-- not a teacher.

This answer is not to judge others who send their children to school. Homeschooling is rewarding, but also very challenging. Parker attended a traditional Christian private school until we decided to start homeschooling him for the 3rd grade. Not because the school was bad, but because I knew God wanted us to.

For anyone considering homeschooling: Don't quit before you start. Don't believe the lie that says you aren't qualified or aren't able. If you know you are called to do it, then God will equip you for every good work.

Personal story: We know a large family who has raised several grown children already while some are still in their grade school years. The oldest ones were homeschooled their whole lives and turned out wonderful-- gifted in music, intelligent and with great work ethics. For various reasons, they decided to allow one of their children enter public high school as a freshman. They have now been exposed to a world of problems and issues that were not present before. This has caused the child to struggled in a number of areas and has also been trying for mom and dad as well.

Is this what I want too?

I don't believe in exposing one's kids to the world just for the sake of experience or hardening them to the outside elements. If raised in the proper Christian environment, your kids will be so full of the truth and God's love that they will be mature enough to stand on their own and not fall prey to the counterfeit riches of the world.


Theresa said...

Amen and Amen!

Karen said...

We started Home schooling our three children at grades 2nd,6th and 9th)through to High school graduation. We belonged to L.E.A.H., Loving Education at Home. My children are now in their twenties and thirties.
It was by far the best sacrifice, the greatest joy, (would do it over again in a heart beat)best decision we have ever made!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I have home educated all 6 of my children - 3 are now graduated and I have 3 still school age.

You can do it! And you are right about them needing you during the high school years, even when they may think they are all grown up! It is such a tumultuous age and it is good to have them home and to disciple them through it!


Josh and Kelly said...

Thanks for the answer!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! It's exactly how my husband and I feel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!


Dustine said...

Thank you for posting this.
Do you mind if I repost it on my blog with a link to you? Not for traffic but just because you said it better than i could have. :)