Thursday, June 2, 2011

may flowers, june bloom & a sunburn.

Believe it or not--I did not stage this photo. It seems that our little stinky Lincoln has become quite the character.


In years past, the weather has been so good in May that we {I} decided to put the pool up early. And with it being so nice {typically better than June}, I decided to end school a little early. Of course, with our summer kick off taking place in late Spring, it was almost impossible for me to avoid the yearly burn my skin suffers.

I mean well and I am very aware of the risks of skin cancer, but even with sunscreen, it almost never fails that I get my first of the Summer sunburn during these lazy first days of vacation. It used to shock my husband and kids how my fair skin would turn a deep red, but now they don't even blink. Now hubby just issues warnings as soon as he sees me searching the cupboard for sunscreen and looking in the shed for a lounge chair.

Speaking of skin care-- I am actually going to the dermatologist later this month. Yippee!!

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