Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the 4th again.

I wanted to post some of our 4th of July photos
it was a real fun day for the kids
although any day with their cousins is a fun day

On another note...
we are trying to keep our chins up today
Cricket's loss is strange
we got her when we bought our house
she was part of our family
a piece of what makes a home a home

Oh, and today is my 9th wedding anniversary
Happy Anniversary to hubby and me
Tonight: Dinner and the theater to see "Les Miserables"


Marla Grace said...

Wow Jasper is getting so big!Sorry for your loss, we lost or Burg after 10 years, so hard! Great pictures Wendy!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy Anniversary!

Enjoy your dinner and theater! Very Romantic!


Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your special day :)

Amy Jay said...

Jasper is just adorable. Can't believe how big he is already. And looks like he's standing with no hands?! Are you ready for him to be walking Mama? ;)