Saturday, July 30, 2011

a day of art.

Yesterday while my manly husband and my dirt lovin' boys were in the front yard digging up the patch of grass between our house and the neighbors, Sophia and I spent hours creating her birthday craft kits. I loved it!

Sometimes people wonder how our eight children can ever get the attention they need... well, the truth is that God creates and allows for one on one interaction with each of them throughout the day every day.

Whether it's me and Sophia working on art projects or Daddy snuggling with Lincoln on the couch in the morning before anyone else is awake while he reads his Bible and has a cup of coffee, God helps us to find and make the time. Because we want to and He wants us to as well.

Of course Sophia did an amazing job because, well, she's my little Soso, Cupcake, Fifi, Mermaid. No really....After several hours of creating I found that I had a really fun time and that my creative side was exploding. So much that I had to run to the Dollar tree with Pearlie searching out for more kids craft kits they might have.

I didn't realize all the fun things I could buy there to keep my little ones busy during the school year. They are perfect for the days when I'm teaching and the 4 youngest are running (Jasper crawling because he doesn't run yet) around the house destroying it. Making their own creative piles of messes. Ya know...dumping legos and going through the refrigerator. In general, I think we need MORE ART around here.

So I've I'm taking the 8 cupcakes to Michaels while my husband is on outreach to find some paint by numbers. And later--MORE art. And hopefully as soon as my class room is finished---art classes by me.


Jeanette said...

that is so fun - and thanks for the reminder that no matter how many kids you have, there is always room and attention enough for each one! I would love to pick your brain about home schooling - this year I am starting to home school my kindergartener. I am a little overwhelmed thinking of how I am going to keep the younger kids entertained and out of our hair while I teach my daughter. and did I mention I am 21 weeks pregnant? would appreciate any advice you have! :)

jenniedub said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say your kids are so cute. Bravo to you. I only have two so having 8 is huge to me! :) Will definitely be checking back!