Thursday, July 28, 2011

just like mama.

Anonymous said... which child is the most like you? (in your opinion)

Wow, this is a hard question. I use to think most of the cupcakes looked like my husband. Used to. Now I see me in so many of them in so many ways. It could be the shape of my face and chin that I see behind Charlie's chiseled features. His face is mine from my kindergarten picture. When my Dad passed away and we were making the slide show for his memorial, I ended up going through a lot of pictures from me growing up. Ruby at age two is almost identical to me at the same age. I think we almost look like twins. It's also true that my Dad always told Pearlie that she reminded him of me when I was little. My Dad use to call me Wendy-Pooh. And now Pearl is constantly demanding me and my hubby to call her Wendy-Pooh.

Now let's see. In personality.....They all have a little of me. Both the good and some of the bad. You know what I mean. For example: Parker is a full time member of the hygiene police. He really appreciates cleanliness and handi-wipes and stuff like that. And he hates it when people don't wash their hands when their supposed to. That's so me. Ethan is very much a boy, but he's also very sensitive and could suddenly burst into tears at the thought of a good friend who moved away three years ago. He's cares about relationships and the little things. Sophia, Little Miss Independent-- her whole person declares that ain't no one gonna hurt this firecracker. Charlie, like's to stick by home. I actually see myself in Charlie a lot. He never wants to be to far from Mommy. Prefers to be surrounded by his family. Then there's Miss Pearl. She is me; Her organizing, her multiple wardrobe changes over the course of the day, her mommyness, her girlyness. She gets excited and anticipates the mailman's arrival daily just like her mommy did when she was young and like she even does now. Ha! Lincoln-- well, I haven't figured that one out yet. Ruby, all I can say is, "spicy salsa". And with Jasper, it's still to early to tell, although there's a few things I could learn from him like being content in all things.

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