Saturday, July 2, 2011

partying with the cousins.

Starting Thursday at lunchtime until Saturday morning at 10am, we had 17 kids here (13 years old and under) running around like Indians.

My husband and I invited over his brother's kids (3 boys & 2 girls), my brother's kids (3 boys) and what the heck-- the neighbor kid (another boy) to spend two nights at our house (along with our 8) for a backyard summer party.

It was another one of those crazy 'let's have fun and make memories' kinda ideas.

I'm sure all the crazy kids including mine will never forget the summer they partied for two days straight at Uncle Chris and Auntie Wendy's.

Seriously-- after camping out back, in the 8-man tent, roasting marshmallows in the campfire, fireworks and sparklers, Uncle Chris' homecookin', trampoline insanity, kick ball at the park (yes, Uncle Chris took all the 17 kids on a walk to the park and had a kickball game all by himself), swimming in the pool and many more games and adventures.

By the time all the kids left and we sat down with our kids to reflect on their favorite highlight of the sleep over, our 8 looked like a small manageable group.

The kids spent most of the time outside as per our directions and the only really bad part was that a couple of kids had the bright idea of waking up around 6am on the first morning. Not only had they been up past midnight, but they proceeded to wake everyone else up as well. Not cool.

As a matter of fact: Extremely uncool.

I promised my husband that I would never do this again, but he mockingly informed me that he knows me better than that and I'd be planning another one by the end of next month.


Kim said...

That is a great idea and you have definitely made a memory those kids will have forever! Awesome!

thechattymommy said...

I love it. That's what having kids is all about!
I love to plan things like this for the kids, and get real excited, but then I realize why other parents don't do it when I am in the middle of it and crazy and tired.
But I strive to be the mom that everyone knows and likes coming to our house so when they are teens they continue to do the same.
I want to know who my kids know and see who their friends are.
I am sure the neighborhood kid will never be the same again!!! :)