Thursday, August 18, 2011

blue skies.

The sun is finally shining today. I know you'd think we'd have tons of sun in Southern California, but where we live along the coast, we see far too many overcast, marine layer, sunless days. It seems as if we've had one of the most awful dreary summers ever. But today, the warmth of the sun is already heating up our back patio and the sky is a wonderful, clear blue. So the Cupcakes finished their chores right away and got their swimsuits on. Pool time before breakfast--hot oatmeal and homemade churros.

Later this afternoon, Sophia will try out 2 more dance classes. I just hope I can survive her asking me over and over again when we're going to leave for dance class. I think she's excited.

I'm recovering from a cold that has gotten me down, but I think I'm finally coming out of the cloud. I think I can see the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for all the encouragement and well wishes about the new little 9th Cupcake. My husband has already claimed that he gets to name this baby. Oh no! He claims that since I named Jasper, now it's his turn. Doesn't he know that I already have names? Ha!

Oh-And Lincoln is finally a big boy using the toilet like the big boys. Finally. Oh thank God!


Treasures Evermore said...

We here on the west coast also have had the worst summer ever recorded...but thankful for every day lately when the sun is out.

Great photo.

Leanne said...

Coastal California?? Hmmm....I lived in Huntington Beach for 9 years, then in Corona for 2 and then Irvine for 2....when we lived in Huntington Beach, we were three miles away from the beach. In my mind, the sky is always brilliant blue and I thought the only trees created were palms!!!

We here in WA are having a rotten summer too! My tomatoes definitely don't like it!

CONGRATULATIONS on Cupcake #9!! I have definitely identified with all the feelings your having!!!

Anyway, I pray that your heart is Sonshiney, regardless of the color of the sky where you live!

Take care.