Monday, August 8, 2011

mr. chalky.

I have to tell you that my little army of kids are absolutely crazy about sidewalk chalk. I know that sidewalk chalk is nothing new, but my kids go through a bucket of it in less than a day. The new way to use it around here is dipping it in a pail of water and creating pasty murals. My theory was--you're wasting it. Their theory--this is way cooler.

The other night was no exception, but after they had walked in and out of the house a hundred too many times leaving chalk footprints everywhere. And seeing the dog completely neon pink from laying on the chalk covered patio, I couldn't handle it any longer. So I bribed my kids to come in and take showers.

It was the only way to clean my floors and keep them that way, because telling them to keep their chalky feet outside wasn't working.

I know--I'm so mean.

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Amy Jay said...

My 4-year-old daughter has been doing the same thing this summer with chalk and water. She says she's making "paint," but really she's just making a big mess. ;)