Monday, August 22, 2011

teacher prep day.

Today we are busy getting everything together to start school . In years past, this has been our typical first day of school, but instead we're working on tying up a few loose ends. I can't wait to show you my new class and all the fun decor I purchased here and there throughout the summer. I think it's necessary to have something new and refreshing for the beginning of the school year. It just helps get things started right.

This year, my mission is to have a more casual, relaxed, joyful and peaceful year. (I know, that's kind of a tall order, but there's nothing wrong with having high expectations...) I really believe in having goals, desires and a prayer list when starting a new school year. I always want to improve and do a better job being a Mommy and teacher to my children. It doesn't always mean that things are easy or run smoothly, but it gives me that needed sense of direction and keeps me aware of the issues I need to bring before God. It's a must if I'm going to maintain my sanity while raising a big family and homeschooling. I am realizing more and more that it's all about my perspective and I'm really struggling with giving God all my worries especially how I'm going to 'do it all'.

And by the way--Jasper has now learned to climb UP the slide of our swing set.

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Leanne said...

Thanks for posting this! I noticed you had quite a bit of A Beka it your primary source?? I'd like to see what you guys use for your studies. We also use some A Beka for the young ones and other stuff for the older ones.

This year we are going for a more structured, scheduled, diligent year. I have been waaay too lax the past two years! The thing is, you and I cannot do it all, but we can with Christ's strength!!

I'll look forward to reading more about your school room and curriculum!