Thursday, September 29, 2011


The boys' first flag football game is this weekend. My competitive side is gearing up to watch Charlie, who turns 6 on Sunday, play his first organized sports game ever. Unfortunately, he'll be swimming in his game jersey because it's sized for 3rd and 4th graders not kids in the 1st grade.

Here' s an example, which breaks my heart, of how young he really is: After returning home late Sunday night from hubby's brother's surprise b-day party two hours away, Charlie was trashed on Monday. He was exhausted, and so I tried to do what any good Mommy would do and told him to lay down and get some rest before practice. He decided to play and refused to let his little body fall asleep. By the time he got to practice, he was a mess and had to sit on the sidelines because he was hysterical.

By Wednesday, he wanted to quit the team. Good thing for my husband who told him that quitting was not an option. Coming from a kid (me) who always quit when things got a little too hard or I just didn't feel like it makes me a softy on issues like this. I just want to keep him home with me and cuddle with him on the couch. A tear or two does me in.

But I knew that that wouldn't be the best thing for Charlie. So after some prayer, some encouragement and a few threats, Charlie marched on, kept his chin up and is staying on the team. He even got to run the ball a few times at practice yesterday. Now he can't wait till game day. Me too.


thechattymommy said...

He is so cute.
My son is the same age and this school year, he seems to be crashing a lot. He can't stay up late- he never does well the next day and seems to cry more than usual.
I vaguely remember him doing this in the beginning of the school year last year as well.
Just wanted to say, I've been there. :)

Leanne said...

I LOVE the name Charlie!

Good for you guys, encouraging him not to quit.

I do like to watch a good game...

God bless Charlie!

suebarber said...

I love your photos! I voted for you on the circle of moms - I'm on there too.