Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day weekend.

This past weekend was nice. We didn't do much-- yet at the same time, I feel like we did get a lot done. Maybe it's because I rested outside on the wicker furniture while my husband was busy. I don't think he minded having to "labor" on his day off since he's the kind of person who likes being busy. The girls went to one of their new dance classes on Saturday and I helped Parker write his new 'Boys Club Newsletter' for all the cousins. At the same time my husband and the other half of the crew went to the church to build a Mommy Nursing Room for our church. He had a few great men helping him which makes the work a little easier and faster.

That Saturday afternoon, we went to a BBQ at the home of a new couple from our church. They live on the naval base and we had one of the military guys from our church get us on the base. It took about 30 minutes. This wouldn't have been that bad, but we were already running late so, of course, we were about 2 hours late to the party. Embarrassing.

With this, all-day 'morning sickness', food isn't really easy for me to eat, but somehow I still managed to eat Subway and an asada taco salad over the holiday weekend. Hubby took the family out to my favorite mexican place after church for lunch. It was good. They even have one of those salsa bars with authentic chips and the delicious spicy carrots. All you can eat. Well, I managed to have an appetite for that. And saved a little to eat on Monday.

Yesterday, we weren't planning on doing much, but the sunshine got the best of us and hubby and I were outside early, cutting back our grapevine which has invaded the kid's sandbox and is choking out our pomegranate tree. All we were gonna do was give it a quick trim... Well, one thing led to another and by 1:00pm, I was still in my pajamas and he was still working on any other foliage in the back yard that needed care. Then, later in the day, we decided to take down our big 'jellyfish' pool. Now that school has started, I didn't want to keep worrying that while I was occupied homeschooling the older kids, one of the littlest ones might get themselves into danger and fall in. It was causing me great anxiety as a matter of fact, so we took it down. Some of the kids were a little upset, but they understood why.

I ended falling asleep around 6 pm on the couch in the middle of playing children. Hubby held down the fort and made a delicious pasta dinner. With cucumber slices from Sophia's plant in our little veggie garden. Yum. But unfortunately that 'all day' morning sickness hit at dinner time and sent me into the shower and back to bed.

Today, I feel rested and good. The sun is shining and today's lessons took place outside...

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Marla Grace said...

Hope you get over the morning sickness or all day sickness soon. also hope you get some energy soon. Got to love the second trimester. Blessings