Friday, October 21, 2011

a deal.

Who doesn't like an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Add-in a self-serve ice cream bar and you get 8 kids rootin' for the Souplantation. 8 little kids with 8 giant appetites and 2 parents crazy enough to take them.

Obviously, quantity is not an issue and the quality of their food is great as well, so what about the cost? With the coupons we get by signing up on their e-mail list-- the family of 4 for $19.99 along with the kid booster coupon, we can keep the price under $30 (drinks not included).

So when we ask the kids where they want to go eat? Mine yell, "The Souplantation! I do too!

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Josh and Kelly said...

I remembered awhile ago that you said that you used target diapers cause they were the best for the price. I just realized a couple months ago that you can get them off amazon and if you do the subscribe and save program and join amazon moms (basically you just have to give them an email address and sign up to have them delivered on a regular basis which you can change if you need to) you can get pampers (which seem like the nicest diapers to me) for super cheap. And, you get a package at your door and don't have to haul it into your house from the car! Anyway, just thought I'd let you know because I'm sure you go through a lot of diapers!