Saturday, December 17, 2011

decorating the house.

Around here the kids beg to do all the Christmas decorating.

I used to be very uptight about things getting broken or decorations not being right and the tree looking picture perfect, but I decided that if a couple of ornaments get broken or the garland gets pulled crooked by a curious 1-year-old, then I'm not going to fret.

I realized it was more important to have them involved, then to have my perfectionist tendencies satisfied.

Having kids who are proud of the tree which they decorated became the top priority.

Everyone from 2-year old Ruby on up ended up decorating the house and had so much fun while doing it.

Yes, we did break a few ornaments and it seemed that it was only Mommy's favorite ornaments which hit the ground and were smashed, but I chose not to care.

Ornaments are replaceable, memories aren't.



Leanne said...

Your blog just makes me happy!!

I love to see that there is another large family out there who look like they're doing it right....

Thanks for sharing and MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!

Mrs. Lewis said...

they did a great job!!!