Friday, December 2, 2011

lists on display.

I think it is safe to say that every year I struggle with what to buy my children for Christmas. It's mainly because my kids have an abundant amount of toys. Toys that they wanted and received for birthdays or by saving their money. Money that they didn't receive from chores, but by working, selling avocados and such.

We are definitely not the type of family that buys toys or thingies throughout the year for our kids. Not because we're mean, cheap, selfish parents, but because our kids don't really want. Maybe it's because they don't see any ads on tv since we don't watch tv. This keeps them from riding the commercial overload roller coaster which can overwhelm kid's brains at this time of year.

Are they blessed? Yes!

We teach them everyday to be thankful for all that they have as well. And that's in addition to being thankful for living in this wonderful country, being raised in a Christian home and knowing Jesus.

I think, for the past couple of years we've been over-saturated with Legos. We have more Legos than a Mommy like me can wrap her mind around. There are Legos everywhere and everywhere I look, I see Legos. So this year I wanted to steer away from any Lego least for awhile.

I wanted to share my children's Christmas presents because I personally think they rock. Not to be boastful or anything. One thing I will say is that we love anything that encourages backyard adventures and creative imagination explorations.

I have a couple military driven kids, a scientist, an adventure girl, a little Mommy and let's not forget our little dino boy (a.k.a. Rah-rah), so I really wanted to buy presents to fit each child's personality.

Over the next few days I want to share what we bought for the kids this Christmas and let me be the first to say that Christmas is not about the gifts. I am just a Mom who wants to help other Moms who are at a loss or in need of ideas as to what to buy for their little ones this year. I hope our lists can inspire some struggling mommy in her quest to get her little ones exactly what they need.

Until tomorrow......

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thechattymommy said...

Love it.
I was thinking about doing a post like this because once again, I do not want to spend a ton of money we don't have to buy toys we don't need. But, I couldn't remember if I wrote all that last year. lol

Looking forward to getting some good ideas from you.