Thursday, December 22, 2011

twinkle toes.

Well, my little Pearly was in her first Christmas ballet performance. What can I say except that she shined like a star!

Before the performance, I kept telling my hubby that I thought Pearl was going to get embarrassed and start acting silly because that's what Pearl does in situations like that. Act silly and fall on the floor and dance like she's in a circus. I felt bad for the little ones who came out with the group in front of all the anxious parents and immediately burst into tears unable to perform. Gosh, life can be so harsh! I don't know which I'd rather face: a room full of smart phone, camera wielding, crazy, Christmas dance parents or my husband when the credit card bill comes this January. Ha! Both are extremely scary (kidding).....

But Pearl was wonderful-- she sort of knew her routine, but I didn't care so much about that as I did the fact that she smiled the whole time and seemed to be having fun throughout. I love that the girls are able to take dance and ballet at a studio which is close by and just happens to be right down the street from where the boys play football and basketball. And as soon as Ruby is old enough to take ballet, we'll sign her up too. My next little twinkle toes.

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