Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Here's the 3rd installment of our family Christmas lists.

To see Parker's (11) list: click here
To see Ethan's (8) list: click here

(Remember this includes gifts from 2 sets of grandparents.)

Sophia (7) is an all-around, loves a little bit of everything kinda girl. Graceful and sweet possessing an artist's delicate touch-- yet a tree climbing, teeth baring, close-combat, warrior.

So what's on Sohia's list?

1. Portable CD Player
2. Fuzzy Fleece Bathrobe
3. Disney Tangled Slippers
4. Toysmith Princess Doll Making Kit (Amazon)
5. Beyblade IR Spin Galaxy Pegasus
6. Pink Razor Scooter
7. Rothco Battlefield Messenger Medic Bag (Amazon)
8. Tachikara Soft Tetherball (Amazon)
9. Timex Youth 'Sugary Sweetness' Watch
10. Deluxe Art Tool Box (Target)
11. Rear-View Spy Glasses
12. Powder Blue Personalized Satin Dance Jacket (Etsy)

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