Saturday, January 28, 2012

in the trenches.

It feels good to have a clean house.

So far I have been able to accomplish a once a month-- Spring (deep) cleaning.

Who knew it could be done consistently?

I thought I could only get it done once a year or at best, at the beginning of each season.

The kids are on board mostly because they know it means that lost toys are found and that they get to use the cleaning sprays. On the down side, occasionally they overdo it and use a whole bottle of glass cleaner on the bedroom mirror closet doors.

But I am blessed by them really desiring to lend a hand. Except there is one little cupcake in particular who tries to make deals to see how much money cleaning is worth to me. But I was quickly able dispel any further extortion attempts when I reminded him that I don't charge him to wash his clothes.

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