Monday, January 30, 2012

repost...just because.

Reasons why my Hubby is the BEST to me:

I LOVE his courage. I LOVE that he is strong. I LOVE his smile. I LOVE his handsome look. I LOVE his faith. I LOVE his tenaciousness. I LOVE his LOVE for his children. I LOVE his gentleness. I LOVE his forgiving heart. I LOVE his non-jealous spirit. I LOVE his willingness to God. I LOVE his desire for the Bible, God and salvation. I LOVE that he will do what others won't. I LOVE his fearlessness. I LOVE him being from the East Coast. I LOVE his cooking. I LOVE that he is willing to sacrifice. I LOVE that he has a desire to never give up and work on our marriage during the hard times. I LOVE that divorce would never be an option to him. I LOVE that I trust him with all my heart. I LOVE our 'love story'. I LOVE that we share the same morals and beliefs even when others don't or think we're crazy. I LOVE that he holds me together. I LOVE that he tries to understand me. I LOVE that he hears from God. I LOVE that he seeks God. I LOVE that he can protect his family. I LOVE my man!

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