Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm not big on New Year's resolutions in any way.

It's really because I know my weaknesses-- the things I need to change.

For me, I don't need the New Year to push me to make those changes, but as a believer in Jesus, it is an everyday desire and effort to become more the way God wants me to be.

Some days there are failures in my life and other days I get the victory. I pray to be a better Mommy to my children and wife who my husband is blessed to be married to.

A woman of patience, love and grace with the spirit to always persevere.

To never want to quit when things get difficult and a Mommy who will raise and train her children to depend on and have a heart for God.

The New Year doesn't bring these desires on or the momentum to keep them going. The motivation to be a blessing to others and to be a woman of God my daughters can follow comes from a genuine desire to glorify God with my life.



Leanne said...

Thank you SO much for this perspective. I've never made resolutions just because I hate the feeling of being a failure when I can't or don't meet the list. And I know me, and I know I wouldn't!

But I love the redemption in your outlook. I too want to be the best wife and mama I can, with God's strength!

This was a GREAT post!!

Shannon said...

New reader and very much enjoying your blog! Here's to a BLESSED 2012!