Thursday, March 1, 2012

it's been decided.

Yesterday I had another baby appointment.

This time the midwife was on vacation so I saw the doctor who delivered my last four babies.

Again it was uneventful-- which is a good thing.

Pearl and I headed to a few stores looking for a coming home outfit for the new baby, but nothing has grabbed me screaming, "yes this one!"

I want to pack my bag or do something, but it's still way too early.

For some reason at this point, I'm really guessing that I will go to my due date and maybe a couple days late. I'm hoping to hold on until the midwife is back in town. If this is the case, then I am going all natural with the delivery.

BUT, if I happen to go into labor during her planned vacation and get stuck with one of the other doctors on call, then I'll probably go ahead and have the epidural because of all the things they want to implement during delivery that make a natural childbirth even more painful (like pitocin which is known to intensify one's contractions).

(Updated: Just to clarify, I was given pitocin last time and delivered naturally with out an epidural.)


And I still believe that with this current plan of mine, God knows the right time to trigger this big day and the best date for the baby to come even with all the elements involved and the possibility of the midwife being out of town the week before my due date.

Thankfully, it is all out of my control.

I would rather it be in God's hands.

Less pressure or worry for me.


Beetlebetty said...

If you are wanting a natural childbirth then pitocin is NOT administered.. Good Luck! Nurse Erin

Kelli said...

Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts as you wait for you sweet baby to arrive. Yes it IS best just to keep it in Gods hands

Sarah said...

I'm so excited about this baby! I love large families. I'd like to have 8 children...5 girls and 3 boys thankyouverymuch. :)

Robin said...

I have had epi's with pit labors..helped so much. Never went natural with one of those, but I know that some women do. How exciting that you are getting so close!

Kendra said...

Yes, I had a natural birth and as Erin said they won't use pitocon!

Pink Slippers said...

(Updated: Just to clarify, I was given pitocin last time and delivered naturally with out an epidural.)

Kendra said...

I couldn't remember what I said in my comment! That's to bad they give you pitocin last time. When I had my baby I ended up having pitocin because, at one point I contracted for like 15 minutes straight. So, they had to stop my contractions to give Klayton and I both a break. But, then his heart rate also started dropping soon after so they gave me pitocin and wow-my contractions came on fast and powerful. I didn't like it. But, overall I had a great labour experience and have decided to deliver next time without drugs as long as I can handle it! Lol!
As you said God is in control! He knows best!

Ashleigh said...

I wanted a natural birth again for baby #2 but was forced into pitocin unfortunately, which led me to an epidural. I guess each doctor/facility has their own way of doing things. That's super that you could do it with no epi. Shew, it is ROUGH stuff!

Hoping all goes well for you! Love your blog!