Monday, March 5, 2012

monday facts:

I had to buy a new vacuum (against my husband's wishes) because with 5 kids using my awesome avocado colored Hoover for their chores (the youngest being 4 years old), it's life-span is now over. Done.

I found a very cool family of 10 whose oldest is 14 and who make goat milk products, love Jesus and homeschooling. Since I want to try goat's milk out on Charlie's eczema and want to support their family business, I went ahead and bought the purity soap and fragrance free lotion from them and it really was not expensive. I heard drinking goats milk instead of cows milk is better too.

In order to avoid any damage to my new blue hoover vacuum, I splurged and bought a dust buster for the chores. I thought it would be better for those who vacuum the food piles under the kitchen table, in the bathroom, and in our classroom.

Jasper can sing 'Jesus Loves Me' using phonic sounds. He is a genius being only 15 months. I know, every mom thinks that about their 'talented' children. He even has a vocabulary of about a dozen or more words. My earliest talker of our boys by far.

The boys buried a time capsule treasure somewhere in the backyard. They are keeping it a secret. It contains a riddle to find the real treasure that they buried too.

I'm dying to go on vacation somewhere with the cupcakes and hubby but we aren't sure what or where to go being that our Spring break is the week before I am due.

We are repainting and changing up our one and only bathroom with new colors and look. I don't think there was anything wrong with the way it looks now, but hubby wants to paint it. And I am always up for change.

As this pregnancy is winding down, I have become overly possessive of my hubby, 8 little cupcakes and my Saturdays. Just a little fyi. SO don't ask to come over on a Saturday. Ha!

I just discovered and am going to experiment with rose water for my face and rose oil for a fragrance because I love the smell of roses. But I still want to get my refill of my Angel perfume bottle.

Everyone who can read got a new NKJV bible with their name inscribed on it. I will do a post about how we presented them to the older kiddos. I did a search on some of the words used on the other translations. Yikes. My kids have no idea what they mean and I don't want them knowing just yet. So they are all going to read the NKJV where the words are more proper.

Hubby and I ran into the Carter's store 10 minutes before they closed after taking the family to the Souplantation the other night, and I think I found the new baby's coming home outfit. That I know he will only wear for a brief moment for pictures and to drive home in.

I have never been a finger nail biter before, but with this pregnancy I couldn't stop (gross!). So I opted to try pink and white gel tips. Love them-- but sometimes they do make me feel fake. But that's just my imagination. I'm so not (fake).

A friend of ours at church gave Parker an almost new guitar and he is taking lessons from his dear Dad. You can hear Parker practicing all the time now. His Dad is impressed.

All my kids, even our 2 year old, are begging to listen to Jonathan Park every night at bedtime. We are on set three. I know they'll be asking me to buy number four any day.

My 'bun in the oven' sits on the right side of my round belly, I weigh way more than I want too and I am too tired to walk on the treadmill. But I am not complaining.

Jasper is obsessed with the guitar. Obsessed. And music and the drums and singing. Did I mention obsessed?


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sweet photos and words.


Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Loved your update. :) take care these last weeks...