Saturday, March 3, 2012

our saturday.

Today I have big plans: A deep house clean for this month. I always feel better after we take care of this. I know my hubby doesn't like clutter and piles, so I guess it's good for him too (or maybe I'm just putting words in his mouth!). Since I'm pregnant practically every year, I'm always nesting to one degree or another, so I view it as a win win situation. I get a new baby--AND a clean house!

Afterwards, I want to head off to a few of the local nursery's and buy more flowers for the back yard. Yes, I'm addicted, but I promise-- I only want to get a couple of $3 flowers. But-- I think my front yard is finally done. It's exactly the way I want it to look.

Now it's time to fill in some bare spots in the back. Which is good because there's always a new plant or flower that grabs my eye when we visit the nursery.

My kids love it because at one place they have a koi pond and at the other they take off and go lizard hunting while hubby and I stroll the grounds.

Don't worry they don't hurt the lizards.

The girls have ballet at 11 and I have to visit the local Lakeshore to take care of some Children's Church things. I love Lakeshore. I could buy everything there.

The kids also have reason to be excited because tomorrow we're heading to Wendy's with the church for lunch. The kids love it when we plan these kinds of church activities. Honestly, so do I. I gotta get me a homestyle chicken fillet sandwich and sea salt french fries. Don't forget my two ranch dips on the side. Yummy.


Kelli said...

I love a good clean makes everything feel new again!
Those pancakes look yummy-
Happy Saturday!

Katie said...

I'd love to see some pics of the flower beds/yard. I am looking to spruce things up in our beds this spring/summer. We moved in nearly 2 years ago and all I have done is plant some day lilies. I do have a spot where I'm wanting to plant some zinnias though.

Susan said...

You could also have a case of Spring fever, as well as nester's
jag! I am cleaning and rearranging, even working outside in the cold...happens every year!
Kinda fun, actually!