Wednesday, March 7, 2012

took a little trip.

We took a little trip to Home Depot the other evening that turned into a 2 hour shopping spree. Home Depot has a way of doing this to us. A quick trip usually turns into a long adventure.

We desperately needed (translated: I wanted one really bad) an arbor over our front walkway and a few extra necessary items.

Arching over my front gate, my hubby had taken the roses on either side and made a natural arbor by intertwining their long stems. Unfortunately it had begun to sag so low that the poor mail lady (and anyone else for that matter) had to duck her head to enter our front yard to drop off our mail.

So....I asked hubby if he wouldn't mind buying me an arbor as an early Mother's Day gift.

Since it was made of redwood, he and the three oldest boys had to stain it white. I absolutely love it-- adding more to the cottage garden charm.

And of course, I went looking to buy flowers for the backyard and found more to plant in the front as well. Will it ever stop? I love my garden. I love walking around and enjoying all the different colors and contrasts. So far from my boring 'rose, hydrangea, rose, hydrangea' days.

Next hubby wants to add white lights to the front arbor. Charming. And now even hubby is picking out flowers I had no intention of buying because he has the gardening bug too. Finally.


Robin said...

Beautiful!! Love the idea of the white lights, too. I loved being a year-round gardener in Florida but now (in Iowa) I am waiting for Spring!! Have fun!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It looks perfect! You are making a sweet haven for your family! The lights will be a great touch!