Friday, March 9, 2012

wishing we were farmers.

I think being a farmer would be hard work.

Sometimes just caring for our flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, small vegetable garden and all the other things we have growing can be tiresome.

The weeding, feeding and watering at the right time and pruning can become all too overwhelming. But the reward is amazing.

My husband just decided to buy a blueberry shrub then realized that we need to buy one or two more because they're necessary for them to cross-pollinate. Ugh.

But I know the kids are going to love eating the blueberries right off the plant like they do with our other fruit growing out in the yard.

Everything is blooming and growing. My favorite time of the year is right around the corner. Spring.

And even better-- the season will be bringing us a new baby. An Easter baby.


Tesha said...

Wish we were farmers also. I can't wait to meet that Easter baby!

Stina said...

Fresh blueberries are great! We get them straight out of the forest but the garden ones are bigger and very yummy. I just found your blog today. Very nice. :D