Monday, May 21, 2012

happy day after my birthday day.

Happy Day After My Birthday Day! Okay, I know it just doesn't have the same effect-- but I tried. I told my husband and kiddos that the day after my birthday was a holiday too, but they just didn't go for it... oh well.

However, I was very blessed with several poems my older children had written inside their homemade birthday cards (orchestrated by hubby). I also received a birthday email from my husband which really was a letter letting me know how much I am needed and loved by him and the kids. It was really nice.

My request for my special lunch after church was the barbeque combo (which I can't get enough of right now) of chicken wings and drumsticks and babyback ribs. With coleslaw, corn on the cob and cornbread-- it really was as good as or better than any restaurant.

When my Dad was still alive, he'd always get the roll cake from Baskin Robbins (we call it "the log cake" cuz that's what it looks like) for his birthday and Father's Day. So I decided to continue the tradition and we got one for me. The kids all thought it was really neat. (And there's even an extra piece left for me today!)

A friend of ours stopped by to drop off a card and while he was here, he had some cake, some pecan pie and gave us some pointers on how to deal with our way overgrown jungle tomato plants. He showed us which ones we could prune and afterward we thought we might do a little bit here and there, but it turned out to be a serious task. I don't know if we over-did it, but by the time we were done, we had transformed our plants. I guess we'll find out how we did as the plants begin to bear fruit.

We also got a call from my mom telling us about the solar eclipse, so everyone ran outside to witness the legendary "ring of fire". They claimed that the sun would be 85% obstructed-- somehow we must've been in the wrong geographic location to view it quite like that and everyone was disappointed. Ethan was actually quite mad and took it personally, wondering why they would have said such a thing-- like they had purposely done it to deceive excited little kids.

In the end, it was a very nice birthday for me.


thechattymommy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Tesha said...

I ma glad you had a blessed day :) You deserve it!

Leanne said...

Okay, a couple of things....

1) Your babies are so stinkin' cute!! I could just eat 'em up!! And I thought MINE were cute!! Lol.

2) You are one year and one month younger than me. You look absolutely fantastic. Seriously!

3) Happy Late birthday!!