Saturday, May 5, 2012

parker & ethan are 12 & 9.

Our oldest two have birthdays one day apart: Parker's is the 28th of April and Ethan's the 29th.

God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed these two in our family.

They are perfect for each other-- two peas in a pod.

They do everything and go everywhere together. They play army, legos, board games, beyblades, video games and sports together. They say that they are each other's best friend. What a great God He is who orchestrated and wove this all together-- kindred spirits and friends for life. Just like Jonathan and David from the Bible.

Since some of their presents were going to arrive a little late, I asked them if they wanted to still celebrate on their actual birth days or if they would rather wait until all their gifts arrived and do it then. They said they'd rather wait, so we postponed it.

However, we did take them out (just the two of them and newborn River) for a very special dinner to the Wood Ranch where we had baby back ribs, tri-tip and all the soda you could drink. The boys also ate about four dinner rolls apiece before we even got to the meal. They were really happy and appreciative. It was a grand event for them.

Well, everything finally arrived and so we planned a little party for today: A special cake with deeeelicious frosting that Mommy makes, cookies and cream ice cream, and Daddy's finger lickin' bbq chicken wings with baked beans, corn on the cob, homemade coleslaw and cornbread. Ohhhhh my!


STL inker said...

they are very handsome boys! i know you all will have a grand time!

Tesha said...

Your house is one big party :) How special to take your big boys out to a grown up dinner. Sibling relationships are such a blessing!