Thursday, June 7, 2012

give a little piece of your heart {link up}.

Within the typical day or week so much occurs that is insignificant,
only lasts for a moment or is thankfully forgettable.

Ugly, dull, irritating, tedious moments surround us,
yet nestled somewhere in the midst of them,
Heaven speaks to us and brightens our day.

"Give a little piece of your heart" is a
link up for you to share one of those moments:

An epiphany arrived in the darkest hour,
an inspiration guiding you in God's purpose,
a ray of sunshine that touches your heart
as you look across a garden,
or a peaceful moment in the quiet of the early morning
with a little one nestled in your lap and a hot cup of coffee in your hand.

It really could be anything-- it just has to be significant.

This is what {giving a little piece of your heart} is.

Share a thought, a picture, a story
giving us all a glimpse into your heart.

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Sarah said...

He has so much hair!! He's just precious and the picture is really sweet! :)