Monday, June 18, 2012

we're home.

We are home from Bible conference.

We left at 1 am to make our long drive as easy as possible for the little ones (We ended up pulling into our driveway around 9:30am). They slept most of the way, but were still tired the next day especially Charlie who was discovered curled up on the back patio sound asleep.

To my extreme joy and real astonishment, I have almost all our laundry washed and back in the drawers and closets. This was a real feat. Imagine 11 people's worth of laundry for a whole week. We had morning church clothes, night church clothes, play clothes, pajamas and everything else in between. Not only that, but I had to wash any pillows, blankies, and night-nights that were taken into our hotel room. Just the thought of hotel stuff going back into our beds at home without being washed makes me queasy.

The conference was powerful to say the least.

Each message (17 of them) knocked it out of the park. I loved them all. A couple really stood out to me and spoke loud to my heart. I love the conviction of the Holy Spirit. It reassures my walk with God and fine tunes listening to His voice.

I am now officially revved up and ready once again to support my husband in his ministry, lead my kids in a refreshed spirit and take our city for Jesus. I just love Bible conference. Every year, I end up crying on the last night and on the day we return home.

I am already looking forward to next year.

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Vivian said...

happy to hear God lifted you up..and so happy to see you are home safe. nothing better then a good revival!
God bless!