Saturday, June 23, 2012

what's her CRV?

One simple fact of life that I have come to realize is this: The doing of one project always leads to another.

Example: The discovery of a critter under the house lead to the cleaning up of the area on the side of the house which then lead to cleaning up the wood pile, dropping off some stuff at the church and filling up the suburban with dozens of bags of recycling.

Some of the cans and bottles are from church, others are the ones hubby collected in his class over the last school year and the rest are ours.

Including the actual trip to the recycling center, I think it took about 2 hours.

The four oldest kids were really excited about participating in the whole event-- especially since they know they're getting a cut of the profit.

All told, the final amount was a whopping $93.75 . When we told them we were gonna split it 4 ways and tithe on the total to the church, they still were super excited.

Now we just need to develop a better system that's not so messy...

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Chelsea said...

Hmm that same cause-and-effect with projects happens at my house :)