Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to Boot Camp....

Parker, Ethan, Sophia and Charlie (and the neighbor) all went to Bible Boot Camp at their Uncle's church. I stayed home with the 'littles' and my hubby was able to enjoy the experience with them.

The great thing is that I sent my camera along and he captured many great boot camp moments; and with the all the stories from the kid's, I felt like I had been there too.

At dinner, the night they got back, the conversation was filled with non-stop, back to back, over-lapping tales of all that had happened. Everything from:

1. the neighbor throwing up in the car less than one minute from their destination after making it for nearly two hours

2. the drill instructor screaming with spit flying at Parker when he asked for paper towels to clean up the vomit

3. sleeping under the open sky in the high desert-- but being woken up by roosters at 4:30am

4. the extreme obstacle course

5. having their cousins there

6. the push-up contest

7. the mess hall meals

8. the screaming D.I.'s (drill sergeants)

9. being called rebels, maggots, and cupcakes

10. shooting the automatic airsoft rifle

11. shooting real bows and arrows

12. topping it all off with tackling one of the meanest DI's on the water slide

They had so much fun that they're already talking about going next year. And now the neighbor's younger sister says she wants to go as well.


Holly said...

That sounds so cool! I would have liked that when I was a kid!

Shannon said...

That sounds so fun! I've never heard of Bible Boot Camp before. Is it like DVBS?

jmckemie said...

Can you explain some more about the camp? My kids went and now grandkids go to Bible camp every summer but no one ever screams and yelled at them. Sounds like they had lots of fun mixed in but just wondering about the thought process behind the hows and whys of this particular experience. I hope this does not sound judgmental because that it not my intention at all, especially since they enjoyed it overall. But, is there something specific that treating the kids like they are adults actually in military boot camp teaching them that my kids and grandkids are not learning somehow by a different approach? Just seems like there would have to be a tremendous amount of super fun things to balance this all out if the kids were so excited. That first picture actually looks painful for him - not enjoyable. Frankly, if someone yelled about asking for paper towels because I was trying to be helpful and clean up from someone who was sick, I would use that as an example to commend them for their servant spirit but also to teach my grandkids that some people are just mean spirited, rude and let their temper get out of control all you can do is pray for them. :) Just wondering what I am missing that I might want to check out. I really am interested in learning more about it.

Andrea Lisk said...

I agree with jmckemie... not judgemental but genuinely curious!