Friday, July 6, 2012

family vacation.

Just hanging out by the kiddie splash pool with the littles and hubby is a dream.

Chris and I get to laugh and tell inside jokes.

Sharing time with your best friend is the best.

Thankfully, when this vacation ends we get to come back here again next month for a little bit longer.

Knowing this will keep me from bursting into tears when we leave.

That's how much this family time means to me.

All we require here is heat, water toys and a pool.


Tracee said...

I so need to know where you get those fabulous bathing suits for your older girls!! I have a ten year old who "matured" quite a bit this past winter and bathing suit shopping this spring was traumatic for me, Lilly, and her dad.

Thanks so much!!

Kathy said...

So glad you are all having a great time! Family Vacations create some of the best memories :)

Unknown said...

Tracee, I was just coming here to say that I Iiked the girls' swimsuits. They are from Lands' End! I recognize them because I work there!

Marla Grace said...

Awesome! Enjoy!