Thursday, July 5, 2012

give a little piece of your heart {link up}.

We're on vacation.

All 11 of us.

I keep telling all the kids that if I had to choose 10 other people to vacation with, I would pick them over and over again.

Taking a little break from life's everyday tasks and doing nothing, but hanging out and enjoying each other is good for the family. I want my kiddos to grow up having close sibling relationships, remembering that their parents encouraged their friendships with each other, didn't have favorites and taught them the importance of family.

My children aren't forced to be each other's best friends. That wouldn't work anyway. The truth is that they have formed these relationships based on being taught how important they are to each other.


Christina Morley said...

I'm so glad you're having a real holiday with the family. I always felt like even a holiday wasn't a holiday, because a mom's job is never done. But when you get away with the kids, it does feel like a holiday.

This is my first time linking up. I've grabbed your link-up button and have added two of my inspirational posts.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday! God bless!

Tina (and 4 other blogs)

Holly said...
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