Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just for fun on Sophia's 8th birthday.

{a silly sing-songy little rhyme}

Sophia pizzeria mama mia
It’s so nice we get to see ya
For your eight year birthday bash
Hope you get some birthday cash
Maybe some new stuff that goes flash
You know you really are a smash
As the oldest sister, we think you are so groovy
Everyone thinks you’re great-- even Ruby
You’re getting to be such a great dancer
For math problems you always have the right answer
You love to help in the kitchen with Daddy
And get some food for your new kitty-catty
I don’t think that there’s anything you do badly
As your mom and dad we love you madly
From fancy pants dance to rolling with skates
Set your heart on it and we know you’ll do great
But the most important birthday wish we have for you
Is that forever with Jesus you’ll always stay true
In life, at home, in church, in dance or at school
God’s the only thing that’s really cool
If you remember that He take you so far
And He’ll always love you for who you are.

We love you so much,
All of us in the bunch
And Mommy and Daddy too.


Vivian said...

happy birthday sweet are a beautiful young lady! have fun !!!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Happy birthday to your Sophia!! Those cupcakes look deelish!!! : )

~ Wendy

Leanne said...

LOVE that!