Thursday, July 12, 2012

ruby turns 3.

Monday was Ruby's 3rd birthday-- we took her to Toys R Us and later to Wendy's for lunch. If you were to ask Ruby she would tell you french fries are her favorite food.

I know it's kinda goofy, but we brought our own cupcakes and candles and sang "Happy Birthday" in the restaurant.

It's hard to buy anything for a little one who already has the toys of 6 older siblings to play with. We have too many toys as it is.

We ended up wandering around Toys R Us for an hour. The rest of the kids loved it. She kept insisting that all she wanted was a 'Power Ranger.'

I was not about to allow that to happen so instead, I picked out Disney princess lip gloss variety pack, some play jewelry, a Minnie Mouse lawn chair, a 400 page coloring book and a Minnie Mouse umbrella. She loved it all!

We also got her a Minnie Mouse movie as well.

After seeing what we had in the shopping cart, any thought of a Mighty Morphin action figure was completely eliminated. Whew! Needless to say, when we all got back into the car, Ruby was pretty excited.

For some reason, it has become a tradition to carry birthdays over for a few days after the actual day. So on Tuesday at breakfast, the kids put candles on a cheese-filled coffee cake danish from Entemanns and it was so good! A simple thing, but they all loved it. And me too.

Ruby is very happy to be three; now she just has to master how to show her age with her fingers.


Nikki said...

She is so cute. When did her red hair go blond? Either way she is too cute. Makes me love the name Ruby. :) What a fun looking day. We often tell our children they get to celebrate their birthday week. :) It is the simple things that make them smile.

Vivian said...

happy birthday Ruby.

taaperoinen said...

Happy birthday little Ruby!