Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today there are so many things happening.

Sophia went to ballet class and Pearl is trying out the hip hop class. You should see her 'pop'.

Parker went off to sign up for the Sea Cadets. He might as well have left to sign up for the military {as far as I'm concerned}. It's hard to see your son growing up. Can you see my eyes watering up even as I write this? He is determined to join the military. For all those moms whose sons are in the military, I commend you.

Later today, we'll be off to our first swim meet. This whole swim team thing is new to us so last night I was googling all the things we should know for our first swim meet.

Charlie was pretty bummed today because he so badly wants to be competing as well. So I told him a story about a boy who was always small and skinny until one morning he woke up bigger and taller than any of the other boys. And how God used him in mighty ways. I think it helped.

On another note, I am suppose to start using some serious skin lotion called Picato on my face to treat any more pre-cancer cells I might have.

After researching it on my own, I have to admit, I am pretty nervous. Not to mention I can no longer nurse River because of it and I have to make absolutely sure that I do not get pregnant while on it.

That's pretty hard for my spirit when I deeply believe in trusting God with my family planning for my life. The other treatment option is drawn out over a longer period of time and will require having my face cut and biopsied. Ugh. So I may look like a monster in a couple days for a couple weeks. I'm scared.


Vivian said...

do whatever you have to is better knowing the kiddo's have their mommy.
praying for you!

A Godly Homemaker said...

I feel like you do so I can understand your feelings. I will pray for you that God clearly gives you an answer. Have you researched online alternative treatments? I had cervical cancer years ago and was prepared to do what the doctor told me but still researched it all. Turns out there was an alternative method they could do to preserve my fertility and when I told the dr he said sure! So study up- I'll lift you up daily. ~hugs

Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Praying for a peaceful spirit for you!

thechattymommy said...

Praying for your treatments and for your skin!