Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to Blogging.

I have been missing from my blog for no other reason than I highly dislike the new blogger interface. Seriously.

Last week I was at a swim meet in the cold for 6 long hours.

River has tried bananas and getting on all fours to crawl.

Jasper is needing a lot of help learning to be civilized. I am trying not to open the front door and run down the street while pulling my hair losing my mind. I think God gave him to me on purpose to make me a better parent.

Parker was in the ER last night for what we thought was a infected spider bite, but turned out to be an abcess that needed 3 types of antibiotics.

Sophia and Pearl brought out my Hollywood make up artist talent for a night of 'Thriller' dance moves and costume party at their dance studio.

Chris and I went off to a marriage retreat which was extremely difficult for me since I was away from all the kids except for River.

I think the boys might have not wanted us to come home since they were beyond spoiled (by their babysitter-- a young ex-navy guy from our church with lots of energy) with so many things I couldn't possibly name them all.

The biggest thing that's happened recently is that while we were on our way out of town headed for the marriage retreat, Chris surprised me by making a special stop. We went to a local wholesale jeweler to look at a possible upgrade for my wedding ring as a 10 year anniversary gift. By the time we left, I had stars in my eyes and on my finger as he bought me a new wedding ring set. It was a lot more than what I expected, but he said I deserved it-- and I tend to agree! Can you say snazzy and shiny?

And today we're going to transform the church into a 'House of Horrors' for a two night outreach event that will leave me completely exhausted by Wednesday morning. Can't wait.

That's just a few things.


Tracy said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Kelly's Blog. What cute costumes!!!

Vivian said...

happy to know you all are okay. we missed you!

lejmom said...

glad you are back...I've missed you and check in the way, what's "new blogger interface" that's got you upset?

You DO deserve the new bling-bling! :)

Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Bling it on!!!