Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Backtrack.

 Our House of Horrors was pretty exciting.

We used it as an opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Many individuals stayed to pray at the end.

That was the best part.

This year I acted in it too. Funny. I was in a shooting scene with my nephews, the boy's neighbor friend and Ethan. Unfortuantly for Ethan, my part was to fall on top of him to protect him. I think he has bruised ribs from me doing it over and over again.

Sophia was a demon in another scene with the neighbor who is one of her best friend's.

And Parker was a teenager who was in the hospital and died. I honestly cried each time he went to heaven. It broke me up. Tugged this Mommy's heart. And it didn't help that he was wearing my Dad's pajamas with a hospital gown.

We pulled some late nights-- we wouldn't even get home till eleven and then have dinner in addition to the dinner we had before because everyone was starving. I was worried the neighbor kid's Mom would be upset, but she didn't mind at all.

Everyone was completely exhausted by the end.

And then for Halloween night, we had a mini-outreach scene at our house. People seemed to be genuiely thankful for the invitation to church. And Parker got to wear his Werewolf mask.

And who would've guessed it-- Now I have a bad cold and we are headed to our Mother church's Bible conference starting tomorrow night. 

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Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

I can tell this was an exhausting endeavor, but what a success! That "high" of ushering souls to Christ is so exhilarating!