Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a special weekend.

The past weekend Chris and I were blessed to host a Marriage Retreat at our church.

Our weekend started with Chris taking Friday off so that just the two of us could go out to a relaxing lunch at Woodranch {my favorite}.

We knew we would be busy in the evening getting the kids situated with the babysitter and getting to the church early to open the doors, so we made a wise choice to spend some quiet time together early in the day rather than be rushed later.

And I am so glad we did-- It was the best!

We finished off our midday date by heading to the mall to buy gift cards for the meeting that night.

We like to tape the gift cards under people’s seats without them knowing and then have them reach under to check before the speaker starts.

No one minds getting a free gift card, would you?

Anyway-- we love hosting it and we like to buy a bunch of goodies and decorate the church in a romantic kind of way.

To wrap it all up, I took Chris to a little deli for a sandwich and a salad, before finally heading home.

We really did have a wonderful time.

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Vivian said...

God is working in their hearts!