Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Because Chris and I had celebrated Valentine’s day a few nights earlier, we decided to  get take out from our favorite mexican restaurant on the actual day. That was pretty wonderful, but what was even better was the party platter of European style desserts that we got for afterwards. 

There were eclairs, chocolate-filled cream puffs and tiramisu-like pastries. 

The kids thought it was the best Valentine’s ever. But then-- they say that every year about every celebration. 

We went around the table and everyone had to say what they would give Jesus this Valentine’s. 

Loved the answers from each of my Cupcake’s. 

We also had a weekend of beautiful weather which always takes me to my favorite nursery. My mind takes off and I begin to visualize all the plants I might buy and where I would place them. 

Chris knows that I really enjoy walking with him through the grounds of the  nursery and he doesn’t mind picking out some new things as well. 

And of course, I needed some manure. 

The things that make me happy: flowers, manure, sunshine, gardening with hubby and kids..... 

It’s funny that while Chris and I were gardening and enjoying everything about it, the kids began to trickle into the front yard one by one wanting to plant flowers and bulbs with us. So much for a quiet moment...  

And River’s at that stage where he can find any available dirt, so he can grab a handful to stuff in his mouth. That grosses me out. I freaked out repeatedly trying to stop him.

To end the weekend, last night, my two woodworker’s built our cats a new and beautiful cat house out of redwood planks. 

About the time they were almost finished, we began to worry that after all their hard work, the cats may never actually go in it. 

But within a few minutes of setting it down in it’s place, Finney and Cupcake were cuddled inside their new home and seemed very content. 

I plan on buying a few more cat nip plants to  decorate around the cat house. 

At this point, we aren’t sure if we should call it Big Kitty Mountain Lodge or Kitty Cat Cottage.

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Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

The one with River is a hoot!