Tuesday, February 5, 2013

walking and swimming.

I’m not sure really why, but I haven’t been snapping the pictures or writing on my blog.

I think I’ve just been busy being a Mommy and Wife.

And the wireless connection on my internet has not been working which doesn’t help.

I tend to write on my blog when sitting in my front room looking out my big window. I love having happy places in my home.

I’m not sure even what I’ve missed blogging about.

But I can say this: this week River is walking around the house on his own. It’s pretty funny because he reminds me of a baby gorilla. A healthy plumpness. At only 10 months, he is following in his big brother Parker’s footsteps.

Another biggie is that last weekend, the boys had a swim meet {Charlie’s first} and to everyone’s great surprise, he placed first in each one of his events.

I was so happy and excited that I had tears coming out of my eyes right there poolside. 

In fact, even Parker was so excited for him that he gave Charlie the biggest hug.

Now Sophia is training for swim team in between her dance classes. I never knew we would have competitive swimmers.

And that they would be so good.

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