Thursday, March 21, 2013

morning time.

Yesterday afternoon, Ethan and I released a bag of ladybugs I bought from my favorite nursery.

Chris wanted to use insecticide, but I am all into saving the bees.

I need bees. Our vegetable and fruit garden needs bees.

I am in the middle of planting a bee garden.

I'm just waiting for my flowers purchased online to show up on my door step for the final touch.

And this morning, we couldn't start our chores because all the little ones were too busy exploring the garden to make sure those ladybugs were still living in our garden.

Ethan rescued one from drowning while I was watering the flowers.

Parker planted catnip in a container and watched the cats act a bit crazy. A lot crazy.

With all the outdoor fun so early in the morning I decided to not wait until Sugar cereal Saturday, but let the kids feast on Captain Crunch on this second day of Spring Thursday.

Tonight-- I think I will sneak off to the nursery again. It's those darn bare spots that I keep finding in the garden.

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Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Is catnip specifically for cats or for decoration?