Thursday, March 14, 2013

what's going on.

Blogging has definitely taken the back burner around here. 

Getting the kid's report cards filled out and staying on top of grading books has been a priority. 

Some recent church events have caused an excitement and a fire in my older children that has now sparked my brain to go into creative idea overload. As soon as one thing ends, I am in full planning mode on what's next. 

Our church has started a music scene/drama for a monthly outreach and my kids are excited to be involved. From Parker giving his testimony and running the lasers and strobe lights to Sophia running a snack bar-- They are begging to do even more. 

Last Sunday night, we hosted the 10 year anniversary of replanting our church. I put in a lot of work to make it exactly what I visioned in my head and I think it turned out perfect. 

The best part about it was how good, entertaining and creative the skits and music was. We have some really gifted disciples in our church. I am so proud. 

They put on a hilarious skit about how Chris got saved, married me and became a pastor. Everyone was laughing-- me the loudest! 

In the weeks prior to the show, they kept calling me for tidbits about Chris. (He said they could say whatever they wanted-- just make sure it's funny. He also told them that he'd get the last word since he'd be behind the pulpit three times a week!) Ha!

On a last note...with Spring approaching I am obsessed with gardening and buying more flowers, vegetables and mints. Chris built me window boxes for the back of the house. Heaven! 

And Parker and I bought a few hummingbird feeders. Honestly, the minute day light savings hits, I am as happy as can be. 

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Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Spring is upon us, that means ur giggly! Congrats on your church anniversary! That's exciting!