Saturday, June 1, 2013

it's all good.

Summer fun has begun for us. 
Going to the beach, setting off fireworks, 
lazy days spent reading books up in the tree fort, 
eating lots of meals outside, 
having band practice during the day, 
no more staying in the house, 
go-cart building and now, 
homemade water-propelled rockets...
Ethan decided to use his birthday money 
buying five books about experiments, 
homemade motors, a variety of rockets, 
and potato cannons. 
And that just barely scratches the surface. 
Besides the baby, we are in for an exciting, 
innovative summer.

1 comment:

Giselle said...

Beautiful family!!! God Bless you!!!
I am from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I'm following you. And trying to write well in English!