Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I am almost at the end of this pregnancy. 

Knowing our new little daughter can come any day is very exciting and yet keeps me fearful of the actual childbirth. 

We are talking like tunnel vision scary if I let my mind go there. 

I wish I could trust God more in this area of my life. 

I get hard on myself for having the fear of the pain that I do. 

It's just that my last three deliveries were traumatic and painful. 

I am certainly aware that no matter how bad the pain or overall experience, there will be a beautiful outcome. 

I know that God is with me and I believe this baby is a blessing from Him. 

But the fear takes over and I can't seem to find peace when I think about being in labor. 

I have let it control me at times. 

So for now, I focus on all the pink that has taken over my bedroom (pink clothes, pink blankets and pink binkies) and the thoughts of what our new little baby will look like. 

I think about the excitement everyone in the house is feeling waiting to meet her.


Leanne said...

Yes, I can totally identify with the fear of labor and delivery!!! I still have several months to go before I get to meet our Christmas Present, but I'm fearful too!

I also wish I could trust God more in this area of my life, because as soon as that pregnancy test turns positive, fear of labor and delivery tries to invade my mind!!

I'll pray for you, specifically for a much, much easier delivery this time, and for the peace of God and His serenity and comfort to envelope you, okay??

Take care!

Kelly said...

I hope your delivery goes smoothly and with less pain than in previous ones! I don't know what your views are on epidurals or if you have had one before, but they are certainly an amazing help with the pain side of childbirth!! :) I'll pray things go well.


Praying all goes well.

Tesha Papik said...

Praying for your heart to have peace in these next days. Also praying for a easy, safe delivery for baby girl!