Friday, August 9, 2013

catch up.

Yesterday the boys got their pads for football. They are so excited about it that Ethan has decided to wear them around the house today while enjoying his regular activities.

Yesterday Tallulah had her one month birthday and to celebrate we received a phone call from her pediatrician letting us know that her latest EKG came back perfect. I just feel so blessed and give God all the glory. I truly thank him for healing her little heart.

While I was vigilantly keeping Tallulah away from the outside germs, I came down with a nasty cold-- clearly from all the sleepless nights I have been having. Of course, it's because my little girl needs to eat all night long. Ugh.

I can confidently say Jasper is completely potty trained. Praise God! I know my husband must be happy because it's one less little one to buy diapers for. That must be why he's the one who took the initiative to train him. He used M&M's to do it.

Tomorrow, I have to post Sophia's ninth birthday pictures. It has taken me way too long to get them posted.

After getting off the treadmill today, my dear husband decided to give me a box of Triscuits and a container of Hummus. Not nice. Is he working with me or against me?

As much as I am a hater toward sticking to a daily schedule and prefer to schedule as I go with only a few musts in place, we decided that we had to stick closely to a daily and hourly schedule right now for our family to keep running smoothly.

I have slept more in my red lazy-boy chair than in my own bed since sweet little Tallulah came home. Thank God for lazy-boy chairs. And to think we almost got rid of it at one time.

Our tomato garden is the vegetable that keeps on giving. It just has not stopped producing.

At any moment around here, any one of the kids can be heard yelling when they see a hummingbird. Our gardens are being visited by hummingbirds so much that I'm beginning to think that we have a hummingbird nest in one of our trees.

River is obsessed with shoes-- always having someone's shoe on one foot cruising around the house or yard. Isn't helpful to my 'no shoes in the house' rule.

I am still having a hard post-pregnancy don't-want-to-get-dressed problem.

The boys picked their jersey numbers. Parker 28 (for the day he was born), Ethan 29 (for the day he was born), and Charlie 34 (just because he wanted to).

Sophia is extremely happy about our new meal and am/pm snack schedule due to the fact she is always concerned about what and when she will be eating next. Because she misses so many meals right? Not!

I can't believe Tallulah is already a month old. Can't she stay a newborn a little bit longer? With longer sleep patterns of course.

And we have received all our Abeka school books. Parker and Lincoln are signed up for Abeka Academy. Which means they watch a classroom video presentation and then do their book lessons afterward. This is not the same as doing their school work on the computer.

At breakfast time, we have started reading a Psalm and Proverb each morning. Love this! The oldest 4 follow along in their Bibles and read aloud also as we go through them. This has been the most successful morning Bible habit for us and the kids really seem to like it too.

Daddy and Pearl did summer school-- going over all the lessons she had fallen behind in. And now Pearl is officially a reader. Yeah Pearl!

Oh-- And this has been the foggiest Summer we have ever had.


Leanne said...

I love updates!! And this one was really newsy!

I really loved the boys in the box pictures!

Thanks for the update!!

kay said...

ADORABLE kids...your an awesome mom!! I love the updates!!!