Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Days.

Summer vacation is coming to a close-- at the end of this month for us.

Daddy will be going back to his other job. High School teacher.

This is Parker’s last year in junior high, then high school. {I am sobbing right about now}.

Tallulah is really the sweetest and cutest baby.

Yesterday I was crawling around the attic looking for boys athletic cups {There’s no reason to know what those are unless you are a Mommy with boys playing tackle football}. I was actually laughing to myself while I was up there. I couldn’t believe it.

And the best thing I overheard all this week was when Parker said, “I can’t see how anyone would not love playing the guitar.”

As a Mommy I may not always be thanked or appreciated. But I am truly blessed. Ten times over.


Vivian said...

oh...that baby. i would love to hold her!!!

Leanne said...

Yeah, boot camp and football and athletic cups are foreign to me, my son was never a sportsman.....but i know what cups are!! LOL!!!!!

I just love the picture montage of Tallulah and everyone doing their thing on your previous post, it looks like our life and it looks like a blissful summer!!!

Penny@Living on Purpose said...

You have an adorable family!!

My oldest just started high school this yeah, I know all about the sobbing. I really thought that I wouldn't be emotional about it...then the first day came and it was rough for was the second was a little better!